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Registration for membership to Ghana Society for Medical Physics is by application

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If you’ve an interest in medical physics, but are not working or studying in the field and don’t have a medical physics qualification, we’ve a membership category for you that means you can keep up to date with all the latest information. Affiliate/Participating member category Benefits
  • Build a network of specialist contacts
  • Keep up to date with news and developments
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This page also allows you to access and update your membership account, as well as view resources and services that are only available to you as a member. Don’t forget – you also have access to a range of other benefits, which can be viewed from the Benefits of GSMP Membership section. If you are current member in good standing, please login by entering your User ID and Password.

Membership regulations

|Code of Ethics

In joining The Ghana Society for Medical Physics, our members undertake obligations to the profession and to the public at large. Their obligations are set out in the Code of ethics.

 GSMP code of ethics

 The Code of ethics gives guidance on, and provides a framework for, professional practice. The advice within it may be cited in any disciplinary inquiry. Our Practice Standards (Scope of Practice) for Clinical Medical Physicists ensure that members maintain high professional standards.

 GSMP Practice Standards for Clinical Medical Physicists

The constitution governs the matters within our organization in order that our purpose be realized to its fullest extent.

GSMP constitution


|Terms of payment
1. Annual subscriptions

Please note – membership subscriptions run from January to December each year:

  •  A non-member applying for admission to any category of membership is required to remit the first annual subscription appropriate to that category.
  • The subscription payment will be refunded if an application is not successful.
  • When admission takes place after 30 September in any year, the sum remitted will be credited against the annual subscription that would become payable on 1 January following.
  • A member who is transferred to another category of membership will not be required to pay the higher subscription appropriate to that category until 1 January following.
2. Former members
  • In addition to the annual subscription for the category sought, former members may also be required to pay any unpaid monies for the year their membership lapsed.
3. Students
  • No member shall be permitted to remain as a Designated Student for a period exceeding eight years in aggregate.

Benefits of membership

There are many reasons to join GSMP. When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world, by helping to shape the future of cancer treatment and diagnosis. GSMP provides the tools and resources to help get you there, by advancing your career and enriching your knowledge with life-long learning resources.

As a GSMP member, you’ll have access to a vast collection of knowledge and career resources, local and global communities, opportunities to grow and give back to the profession.


Membership of the society offers a number of benefits including:
  • A direct link with the International Organizations for Medical Physics (IOMP). An automatic membership of IOMP.
  • A direct link with the Federation of African Medical Physics Organizations (FAMPO). An automatic membership of FAMPO.
  • Professional Status – use of the designatory letters for Members
  • Access to GSMP corporate email accounts for professional correspondences.
  • Ready access to fellow workers in the field of Medical Physics
  • Access to topical information on Medical Physics and the consequent ability to keep up-to-date
  • Help, information and guidance on career development, including Continuing Professional Development.
  • Peer endorsement of professional competence
  • Information about job vacancies and career opportunities
  • Opportunity for direct involvement in the society’s scientific meeting
  • Members in good standing (Fully paid all outstanding membership dues) stand to benefit from nominations to national & international training courses, workshops & conferences

So if you would like to have access to the most up-to-date and innovative scientific research and news, through an accessible and varied range of resources, become a member of GSMP today!

Membership Subscription rates

Registration for membership to Ghana Society for Medical Physics is by application.

Membership Category Annual Dues (GH¢)
Honorary / Professional Members300
Participating Member300
Corresponding Member300
Affiliate Member300
Intern / NSS/ Student Members100

Foreign Membership : US$ 240 per year