Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD comprises learning activities that enhance and keep individual professional knowledge and skills current whilst focussing on behavioural and workplace capabilities and technical competence. Ghana Society for Medical Physics helps all Members to develop their potential and adapt their careers whilst holding them accountable to the community through a compliance process.

Members are encouraged to be regularly reflecting on their personal development, gaps, and need. Planning CPD activities ahead of time and recording outcomes is the best way to progress as a professional.

The Allied Health Professions Council of Ghana  require all Professional Members to meet specified CPD requirements.

| CPD Compliance Obligations

Every CPD year,  the Allied Health Professions Council of Ghana (AHPC) requires that every professional member must complete 20 CPD points.

AHPC CPD Protocols and Guidelines

Guidelines from Allied Health Professions Council. Ministry of Health, Ghana
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