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We are Ghana’s leading physics community, advancing excellence in cancer management

We are Ghana’s professional body for medical physics professionals.

 About Us

Ghana Society for Medical Physics (GSMP) is Ghana’s professional body for medical physicists, supporting and representing our members and bringing together medical physicists from all over Ghana.

 Who We Are

GSMP was established in 2011 with ultimate aim of promoting the application of physics to medicine. The Society serves as checks and balances on the activities of professional medical physicists and contributes to the training of medical physics students in Ghana. With the passage of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act 2013 (Act 857), GSMP is mandated to regulate activities of medical physicists. Internationally, GSMP is affiliated to Federation of African Medical Physics Organizations (FAMPO) and International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP).


GSMP operates with Constitution, Code of Ethics and Practice Standards, and achieves its objective by:

  • Encouraging, advancing and disseminating technical information, theory and practice of medical physics and related fields.
  • Promoting a high level of ethical practice among medical physicists.
  • Ensuring that medical physicists are engaged in technical procedures, which form part of patient care and treatment.
  • Ensuring that medical physicists undergo certification examination and award of license to practice.

Our Vision

GSMP members pledge a commitment to excellence through professional skill development and collaboration in service to our employers, our healthcare organizations and the communities we serve.

Our Mission

  • To encourage, advance, supervise and honor academic achievement in the study and the highest standards of practice of Medical Physics, emphasizing values, ethics and integrity in the work setting by offering educational programs, assisting in treatment and diagnosis, conducting research projects, and assisting in the development of professional relationships.
  • To speak on behalf of medical physicists in Ghana on matters related to application of radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing) in diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy including radiation safety, training, research and development, and consultation.

Our goal is to grow and support our society to be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of the medical physicists in Ghana. This will:

  • support our outreach activities
  • connect individuals through networking activities
  • support the diversity agenda
  • put medical physics at the heart of scientific endeavor.


Strategic Objectives

| Knowledge

To make the best cancer diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge accessible to all those who need it. Our goal is to connect radiation professionals by harnessing all of our information and expertise and making it easily accessible. This will:

  • provide trusted and reliable basis for strategic decision-making and scientific developments and education
  • inform policy

| Skills
  • To secure a strong, diverse and sustainable supply of medical physicists at all levels
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of the skills and talents needed for medical physics to prosper for the benefit of humanity.
  • We have a wealth of expertise across many disciplines, in research centres, universities, hospitals and beyond, and a clear vision for how to ensure everyone has access to a relevant, engaging and inspiring medical physics education.

Our goal is to connect highly qualified professionals to secure medical physics talent pipeline. This will:

  • promote a scientifically-literate population
  • push forward boundaries of diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy.
  • provide support for developing GSMP.
  • promote professionalism within medical physics.


Core Strengths

To most effectively and efficiently contribute to the safe and effective use of radiation in order to achieve the best diagnostic or therapeutic outcome of the prescribed medical procedure, we will bring together medical physicists and help them to share their knowledge and ideas.

From the first Ghana Society for Medical Physics meeting in 2011 to the present day, we have used our two core strengths to advance excellence in diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy:

  1. our deep understanding of the application of physics in medicine.
  2. our ability to create, facilitate and grow the medical physics community.

These core strengths reflect our strategic priorities as an organization – how we can best use our talents and resources to achieve our mission: by connecting radiation professionals through knowledge, skills and community.

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